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Never Give Up (Glenn Limbaga Redrum) [Clean]

"Coast 2 Coast: Dance Across America"

Welcome to the home of "Coast 2 Coast: Dance Across America!" We are very pleased to announce that "Coast 2 Coast: Dance Across America, Inc." is a 501(c)3 Tax Exempt Not-for-Profit Corporation registered in the State of New York! Louie Perez, Jimmy Lyles, and Ryan Dutcher are on a mission to motivate anyone and everyone they come across. Each year, the "Coast 2 Coast" Crew sets out on a week-long celebration of dance... where their National Tour sends them traveling from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean; "Coast 2 Coast." They set out on this journey to foster the minds of both the youth and adults alike-- and after hearing some of the stories from past students, they are definitely succeeding! At the conclusion of their 2018 "50 States in 5 Years" National Tour, Coast 2 Coast Dance has successfully (in just 5 years and touring for only ten (10) weeks in total) taught their Master Class in all 50 United States, visited over 100 dance studios, awarded over $10,000 in dance scholarships, and brought their message to "Never Give Up" to over 15,000 dancers nationwide.


ABC News Anchor Heather Armstrong said it the best; "Take a dancer, a DJ, and an illusionist and you've got Coast 2 Coast. A trio of professionals who give up two weeks of work to volunteer their time touring the country, to instill hope in dance students. The message is very clear... If you love something pursue it with passion and Never Give Up!" The C2C crew is committed to “paying-it-forward” and we use the dance world as our outlet. The tour takes place during National Dance Week at dance studios across the country, but it includes much more than a traditional Master Dance Class. Not only does this tour promote the health and fitness side of dance, but it also encompasses the ideals of persistence, perseverance, passion, and positivity. The tour proves that ordinary people can achieve extraordinary things. Students learn that no dream is too large or small—you can do absolutely anything you set your mind to, as long as you work hard. The C2C Crew is living proof that anything is possible and we’re proud to teach future generations to “Never Give Up!” Not to mention, everything is free of charge to studios and students nationwide!


After students participate in the Master Class, they have the opportunity to apply for four (4) dance scholarships. The $1000, $500, $250, and $100 dance scholarships are set up to help pay the tuition of deserving dancers nationwide, at their home studios. This will give them the opportunity to continue their dance education and reward them for being passionate in life. Thanks to our sponsor, The Nifty Thrifty Shop in Fishkill, NY, we were able to award THREE (3) ADDITIONAL dance scholarships to a deserving dancers at home in New York totaling $1000, as a thank you for paying-it-forward through dance. Our 2018 $500 "Pay-it-Forward" Scholarship went to Ashley Notarthomas and our two (2) 2017 $250 "Pay-it-Forward" Scholarships went to Bella Giordano and Angelina Decker/Jamie Brown of VP Dance Academy!

"Our goal is to encourage everyone to live, love, laugh, and Never Give Up! We will do this one dance step at a time, Coast 2 Coast: Dance Across America!" We are happy to be guest bloggers for the National Dance Week Foundation about our travels during National Dance Week and we are a “Preferred Vendor” in the More Than Just Great Dancing network of Affiliated Studios! Please contact us if you are interested in sponsorship opportunities or if you would like us to visit your studio next!

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Coast 2 Coast: Dance Across America, Inc. is a Tax Exempt Not-for-Profit Charitable Organization formed under Section 501(c)3 of the United States Internal Revenue Code and is registered in the State of New York. All donations and sponsorships are tax-deductible as charitable contributions for U.S. Federal Income Tax purposes to the full extent of tax laws. There are no donation limits or restrictions on contributions made to Coast 2 Coast: Dance Across America, Inc. All material on this website is Copyright © Coast 2 Coast: Dance Across America or their respective owners.