Coast 2 Coast: Dance Across America

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With the completion of our 2018 National Tour, Coast 2 Coast Dance has successfully visited all 50 United States in 5 Years, taught their Master Class at over 100 Dance Studios Nationwide and shared their message to "Never Give Up" with over 10,000 dancers! Watch them complete the map including Alaska, Hawai'i, and 20 stops from 'Coast 2 Coast!" 


We are proud to bring our program to dancers and dance studios nationwide! Visit them by clicking their logo below!

Fishkill, New York

North Hollywood, California


Onalaska, Wisconsin

Los Angeles, California

Cedar Rapids, Iowa

New Lisbon, Wisconsin

Anchorage, Alaska

Mantua, Ohio

Honolulu, Hawai'i


Salina, Kansas

Bloomington, Illinois

Hamilton, New Jersey

Branson, Missouri

Covington, Georgia

Fayetteville, Arkansas

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Montrose, California

Harvey, Louisiana

Rock Hill, South Carolina

Chalamette, Louisiana


Greenwich, Connecticut

Gainesville, Georgia

Milton, Florida

Tucson, Arizona


Huntersville, North Carolina

Cortlandt Manor, New York

Allen, Texas

New York, New York

Chelsea, Alabama

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Las Cruces, New Mexico

Olive Branch, Mississippi

Clear Lake, Iowa

Los Angeles, CA

Draper, Utah

Portland, Oregon

Manassas, VA


Elko, Nevada


Rawlins, Wyoming

Grasonville, Maryland

Lewes, Delaware


Yorkville, Illinois

          La Crescent, Minnesota


Chadron, Nebraska

Baldwin Place, New York

Weirton,West Virginia

Rawlins, Wyoming

Rapid City, South Dakota

Janesville, WI

Tonawanda, NY

Amherst, New Hampshire

Southaven, Mississippi

Cortez, Colorado


Rathdrum, Idaho

Temperance, Michigan


Methuen, Massachusetts


Poughkeepsie, New York

Cincinnati, Ohio


White River Junction, Vermont


Richmond, Michigan


Kittery, Maine


Middletown, Rhode Island

North Las Vegas, Nevada

Monticello, Indiana


Spokane, Washington

Williston, North Dakota


East Helena, Montana

Weirton, West Virginia

Stillwater, Oklahoma

Louisville, Kentucky

Allen, Texas

Wichita, Kansas

Memphis, Tennessee

Wichita, Kansas

Southaven, Mississippi

Princeton, New Jersey


Wouldn't you like to know what dance studio owners have to say about our the "Coast 2 Coast" Crew and Master Class? Check out the Studio Owners videos below and hear it straight from them, or simply scroll down to read their reviews! We thank our national dance family for the kind and encouraging words!


If you don't want to watch the whole video, read their testimonials below! We are thrilled to hear such kind words and thank our dance family!

Abby Lee Miller

Abby Lee Dance Company

Los Angeles, CA


Tonya Coker

Dance Branson

Branson, MO


Kristian & Cristina

CK Dance Theatre

Olive Branch, MS


Monique Foster

Las Cruces School of Dance

Las Cruces, NM

Lori Weil

Creative Dance and Music

Harvey, LA

I have nothing but wonderful things about the Coast 2 Coast class...the kids had a BLAST! All of the Mom's had a smile on their face and they said "the kids had such a good time, it was so much fun!" Pleasing the people on the West Side of LA, not easy! Thank you to Coast 2 Coast, I am THRILLED that you were able to stop [at ALDCLA] on your journey around the United States and hopefully someday around the was an honor to have you here, I LOVE what you guys are doing. Coast 2 Coast, I wish you nothing but the best. Go hit every dance studio you can and make a difference in the dance community.

It was absolutely amazing and we loved it! [The class] was very challenging for our older dancers, but it still kept our younger dancers interested and not completely lost. Their "Never Give Up" slogan is something we preach to our dancers and it was nice to have this group of guys come in, telling them what we say all the time. We have a lot of dancers who have struggled with personal things and we really believe in pushing them forward... this is where the Coast 2 Coast message hit home for them.

[Coast 2 Coast] was mind-blowing, just awesome!"Never Give Up" really fits in with what we do here at the studio... we try to teach a lot of Christian Values about striving through different hardships and we've [always] got friends and family to depend on. Everyone enjoys and appreciates your whole adventure through America and what it's about...bringing the love and excitement for dance.

Our Master Class was PHENOMENAL! "Never Give Up' is so important for dancers to bring to their entire life... it's what got me here to where I'm at in my life and I would love to see them carry that throughout theirs.

It was a great experience for all of the girls! "Never Give Up" really reigns true with us...we believe that dance is just the beginning of what we teach here. We want our girls to give back to the community [like Coast 2 Coast does] and to be better people, which ties in with our More Than Just Great Dancing theme.

Appolonia Leake

ALDC Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh, PA


Lindsey Farris

Step South Dance

Rock Hill, SC


Anne-Marie Bozzacco

Anne-Marie's Academy of Dance

Huntersville, NC


Emily & Dusty

Pure Movement

Allen, TX


Justin & Danielle


Gainesville, GA

Jennifer Smith

Kidz In Step

Covington, GA

I have to say...Coast 2 Coast is the BEST organization that we've had at the studio all year! It is an amazing opportunity for kids...they are doing something that's life-changing, motivating and inspiring. The environment that Coast 2 Coast brings with them is so up-beat, always preaching to Never Give Up. You will absolutely never experience anything quite like Coast 2 Coast, they are a great establishment.

Our kids thoroughly enjoyed this true celebration of dance. Several of our dancers on the way out said that this was the most fun they had at a Master Class in so long because there was no pressure and everyone felt welcomed! Louie's teaching style was amazing... such high energy the whole time

We LOVED it! [Coast 2 Coast] means so much to me because I had to work to where I have gotten and my Mom didn't have the means, she gave me the means to do it and I want to give back. I love the message Coast 2 Coast wants to give back and I know [our dancers] just LOVE Jimmy, Ryan, and Louie. I really do appreciate this program and I hope anybody that gets to experience this loves it as much as we do.

What I love is that there are beginners to intermediate to advanced level dancers in the class and everyone loves it. Everyone has a great time, everyone feels moved to dance and do what they love...that's what I really appreciate about this program. We're not only trying to create great dancers, we're trying to create great people-- you have to "Never Give Up" and keep going and we feel like Coast 2 Coast and Pure Movement come together with that.

Our Master Class was FANTASTIC! "Never Give Up" blends beautifully with our culture; you have kids coming in dealing with school and social media... having that slogan is exactly what they need to hear on an on-going basis even well-after Coast 2 Coast has left their studio.

What fun it was to celebrate dance through the soul, instead of the ability level. I love Louie's teaching style, he was so inspiring with his upbeat movement and happy soul. He loved on ever single child no matter what, if they got it right or got it wrong.



If you don't want to watch the whole video, read their testimonials below! We are thrilled to hear such kind words and thank our dance family!

Jeanne Marie Mysilwiec

Jean Marie Dance Studio

Grasonville, MD


Crystal Carfagno

Showcase Dance Studio

Manassas, VA


Taylor Robinson

Abby Lee Dance Company

Pittsburgh, PA


Michele McAbee

Michele Dance Studio

Weirton, WV


Emily Weber

YPAC- Yorkville

Yorkville, IL


Nicole Wiczek

Nicole's School of Dance

La Crescent, MN


Lindsey Cheney

Upstage Dance Centre

Louisville, KY

We just LOVED Coast 2 Coast; it's a wonderful program. Our kids loved it. From the moment they contacted us, to the moment they walked through our doors-- they made everything so easy. When I first got the email, I thought that maybe it was too good to be true... BUT IT IS NOT! It's exactly what they said it would be. They are here to inspire our youth.

From the time that I first submitted my entry through the day that we had our superb Master Class, everything was extremely organized! We had an AMAZING time here today... all of the girls were blessed to learn an amazing message about what dance truly is and how you can make a difference in this world. Our kids will forever be changed and if you are ever wondering if you should support Coast 2 Coast, I'm telling you now you will not regret it! Your students will have an AWESOME time! 

Today we had the pleasure of having Coast 2 Coast: Dance Across America join us for a Master Class. Louie is a phenomenal instructor and we were really happy to have his energy here! Everyone has created a culture of "expecting" and it's nice to think that this is a refreshing look at things that we are given the opportunity to do... [which we] aren't always reflective and appreciative of. So I think this had [our dancers] take a harder look at their parents and how [much] they put in to make what they are passionate about come true.

This is the second time Coast 2 Coast has been to our city. We invited other dance studios {to participate} in our city and all of them had an AMAZING time! Louie has energy that is never ending and [the dancers] are inspired by [the C2C Crew's] stories and the scholarships they offer. For the C2C Crew to take their time to do this for dancers and studios throughout the country it touching and amazing that they give up so much of themselves for [others.]

I really couldn't believe that this program and event was completely free... it speaks of the generosity of Jimmy, Louie, and Ryan. I can honestly say that the energy in the room even picked me up to dance... I haven't danced in 15 years and I myself got out there and have never felt better! Their message, "Never Give Up" coincides with what YPAC believes and just to keep dreaming no matter what people say. If they say you can't, you say you can... and watch me! I couldn't think of a better program to bring to your studio for your students. We had recreational students from 8 years old all the way up to my pre-professional students at 18 and everyone left feeling better than they did when they walked in the door.

MN- We had Coast 2 Coast join us tonight and they were FANTASTIC! Louie was full of energy, very exciting.. got all of the girls working and clapping and they all loved him! They brought a great message- Never Give Up and keep moving forward with your goals; really strive to be the best that you can be! It's great for my girls to be able to hear that from someone else.

Three years ago we received a call about giving our kids a free Master Class; three years later, our students are still looking forward to this Master Class every single year! Louie's story [teaches] us that it's great to learn to pick up choreography fast, but better yet, have a great time while doing it!

Julie Vannucchi

Misty's Dance Unlimited

Onalaska, WI


Donna Gimeson

Consuming Fire Dance

Chadron, NE


Callie Taylor

Cedar Street Studio

Rawlins, WY


Brooke Maxwell

Utah Dance Artists

Draper, UT


Yong Pratt

Elko Arts Academy

Elko, NV


Claire Dye

Portland Dance Center

Portland, OR

We had a fantastic time tonight with Jimmy Lyles and the Coast 2 Coast Crew! It was a packed room and the energy that Louie has is AMAZING! The dancers were going crazy and having a great time because they have never had jazz with this kind of a Latin twist. I have been working with Jimmy and his team for the last several months setting this up... it was a super easy process and what a blast! We would recommend this to any studio that wanted to bring in Coast 2 Coast... please do it! The message was unbelievable-- it's all about perseverance and to keep on trying, set your goals and never ever give up. 

We really appreciate the Coast 2 Coast Master Class coming to our area. Being in a rural community, the larger companies usually don't come to small towns, so in order to take classes we must travel. It's great for the girls to be exposed to different teaching styles and teachers.. Louie was very articulate and able to communicate the choreography; it was very clear and very fun! 

This is the first Master Class that's even happened in our town, so it's been a wonderful opportunity for our students and our community. The Crew was so inspiring and I know the kids left here with a new inspiration to dance or whatever it is that they want to do in life. They definitely lit a fire in me as a teacher and we are going to remember this forever. I would definitely recommend this to any studio that looking for a workshop that is fun and it's free... normally people would pay a lot of money for a workshop and program like this! 

We were THRILLED to have Coast 2 Coast come, what a wonderful experience this was. Not only was it fun and educational... the greatest part was it gives these kids the opportunity to write and essay to hopefully obtain a scholarship. Our mission at UDA is to "Shine on stage and in life," and along with Coast 2 Coast's message-- these girls know to work hard in dance, but to also work hard in life and to Never Give Up!

The messaging of Coast 2 Coast Tours was really striking. The kids that came today walked away with a sense of pride in themselves and about their abilities, so if you want to bring Coast 2 Coast to your town, I would definitely say to jump on board and give them a call! Louie's very engaging- we had a solo boy in class and he really made him feel comfortable and welcomed. We don't usually have class on Sunday... but I really wish I could spend every Sunday doing this! Here at The Academy, we believe that every child has a superpower waiting to be unleashed-- the messaging of Coast 2 Coast really drives home that inside each student is something so special and so unique. It's up to all of the studios across the country to find that superpower for all of the world to see!

We just had Coast 2 Coast's Master Class and it was FANTASTIC! [Coast 2 Coast] is what dance is all about... building confidence, building self-esteem, building our future artists, and letting them know that they can do anything with that gift. They don't have to become a dancer... their dancing skills can lead to other life skills, such as leadership; they can own businesses, they can be DJs-- that's an important message for everyone!



If you don't want to watch the whole video, read their testimonials below! We are thrilled to hear such kind words and thank our dance family!

Kelly Packingham

All Star Dance Academy

Middletown, RI

Julie Hebb

The Dance Annex

Kittery, ME

Doreen Keith

The Dancers' Corner

White River Jct, VT


Lori Fain

Miss Lori's Dance Express

Temperance, MI


Cindy Bland

Dance Magic

Monticello, IN


Liz Falcon

Elizabeth's Dance Expressions

Williston, ND


Andrea Goad

Dance Theatre Northwest

Rathdrum, ID

The energy that Mr. Louie brought was palpable. The message to "Never Give Up" is the exact message I want for my students. We feel so blessed to have Mr. Louie and his "Coast 2 Coast" Crew here at All Star Dance Academy!

We've had a wonderful time today and this was wonderful for my students to experience. This has been the most organized and fun event that I have seen in a long time. It was upbeat, up-tempo, and uplifting; their message is beautiful, they inspire everyone.

We were very pleased to have "Coast 2 Coast" come to our studio and [they] totally thrilled all of the kids. The kids that are here that they don't know anything about- They don't know about the kids that don't have a good family life, they don't know about the kids that are here on scholarship; yet they came and made them feel very special and like they were a part of something much bigger.

It was a fantastic time for all 125 of my students and we feel so blessed and honored that they made one of their tour stops here. Smiles galore, energy galore! A special shout out to each of the gentlemen, they were fantastically fun! Ryan the Illusionist-- such a trickster and jokester, Mr. Louie- choreography galore, happy smile, high energy, and then you have the brains of the operation-- that would be DJ Jimmy. Thank you Jimmy for keeping us all in order, on time, organized, and having a great time here in Temperance, Michigan!

We just had our Coast 2 Coast Master Class and it was awesome, fun, and high energy class-- plus we learned a great message and brought a great message to our students to "Never Give Up!" It's wonderful for my students to hear that and it's been a really positive experience. The kids had a blast and I had a blast too, we'd love to have them back again. It was a great time. 

We've never had anything like this come to our studio and we had approximately five studios that participated in the workshop. It was an amazing opportunity for our dancers and the surrounding community. Our community is very small and for us to have the opportunity to have something like this in our studio is a wonderful thing.We would love to go see them in New York or have them come back to us some time. They also offer scholarships, which is a wonderful thing, to show the importance of dance in their lives. 

Coast 2 Coast to me means energy, energy, ENERGY! I saw my kids come out of their shell and do more things than just tap and ballet-- having a lot of fun expressing themselves while dancing. Thank you Coast 2 Coast! What an awesome experience! 

Michelle Mitchinson

Center for Performing Arts

Methuen, MA

Kathy Blake

Kathy Blake Studios

Amherst, NH

Melanie Boniszewaki

Tonawanda Dance Arts

Tonawanda, NY

Cathy and Catie
Art in Motion Richmond
Richmond, MI

John Cheney

Upstage Dance Centre

Louisville, KY

Shari Davis

Dance Center of Spokane

Spokane, WA


Sherilyn, Cheryl, Tanya

Dance Attitudes

Janesville, WI


I thought that it was great for all ages and all abilities. Louie did a great job of breaking it down, running through the counts slowly and speeding it up a little bit at a time. At the end I think it went really well and everyone had a great time!

What a joy and pleasure it has been to have "Coast 2 Coast" here. We do our best to have our kids believe in themselves. This experience was completely sourcing every bit of inspiration we try to plant in our kids. It was wonderful from the second we got the phone call with the invitation, to them showing up on time- being reliable, dependable, and everything they promised us to be. It exceeded all of my expectations! Go do it!

I want to thank "Coast 2 Coast" for choosing our studio to have their free class at. This was awesome! It was fun, exciting, enthusiastic, and the kids loved it. I want to thank Jimmy for contacting us and Ryan and Louie for being here. What a great class we had!

We are so thrilled Coast 2 Coast came to us! The kids have a renewed spark for the love of dance. The energy in the room was overwhelming. It's exciting because a lot of our students in our studio are more low income and they could never afford to pay for an extra class or workshop-- it was a blessing

This is our second year with Coast 2 Coast and as always-- they killed it! It's an amazing experience, our kids love it. We still use [Jimmy Sizzle's] warm-up mix in class every day. I can't speak highly enough of the guys, Jimmy, Louie, Ryan-- the kids love them!


They are great! They gave a great message to the kids... "Never Give Up!" A lot of them really need to hear that as they struggle through their growing-up years. I feel that Coast 2 Coast gave it to them in such a positive way. They taught them such a fun and energetic number-- the children had a lovely time. It was so worth it and they had so much fun! 

Coast 2 Coast has just been an awesome adventure, we're so happy that they called us! It's been fun, it's been uplifting, it's been a great motivation for the kids teaching them to "Never Give Up." The class was very high energy-- I think [the kids] learned a lot. It was really nice that there were special moments for each child. They pulled them out to do special things, brought them to the front-- kids that don't normally get those opportunities got it. You made them feel special, the energy was so positive. It was awesome in the beginning when they played the "name game" and really got to know the kids and got them laughing before you even started the class. It was great to see them dancing and not worrying about how they look, is somebody going to make fun of them-- they were just having fun!


We received such an overwhelmingly positive response from our inaugural tour studios. See what they had to say!


See what studio owners said on our inaugural "Coast 2 Coast" Tour!

Lisa Beth Vettoso

American Repertory Ballet

Princeton Ballet School

We were so excited to have "Coast 2 Coast: Dance Across America" here. It was a really positive experience for our students, they had a fantastic time!

Miss Michele

Michele Dance Studio

Weirton, WV

My students had an amazing evening with Louie. They danced, they had fun-- it was an amazing experience and I hope you can all have the opportunity to enjoy it.

John Cheney

Upstage Dance Centre

Louisville, Kentucky

Kristian & Christina

CK Dance Theatre

Olive Branch, MS

Tracy Fraizer

Showstoppers Dance Studio

Stillwater, Oklahoma

Christi Lee and Toni

MGM Studio of the Dance

Wichita, Kansas

Brooke Sharp

B. Sharp School of Dance

Henderson, Nevada


Patsy Metzger

Debbie Reynolds Studio

North Hollywood, California

"Coast 2 Coast" came here with amazing enthusiasm and energy! The kids loved it; the whole crew- DJ J SIZZLE, Ryan-- all great! I can't give enough compliments about how good they were to the kids, to us; we're looking forward to doing "Coast 2 Coast" every year. It was amazing!


Mr. Louie is a blessing. His classes are fantastic, high-energy; he's all about dancing and living the dream! "Coast 2 Coast" is great because it's pulling dance theatres and dance studios all across America together for one vision of not giving up!

We have just had a positive and wonderful experience with Louie on his "Coast 2 Coast" tour. He is such a positive influence-- so bubbly, so warm, so complimentary and a really good teacher. He explains things well to the kids in a way that they can understand it, relate to it, and actually learn it in a very short amount of time.

At first we were skeptical-- we wanted to ask how much is this going to cost? And Louie put me at ease right away on that, saying it was free to the studio, free to the students. I think their message was exactly what the kids needed to hear. It was a confidence builder for them. It was a great class with a great message.

"Coast 2 Coast" was such a wonderful experience for us and our kids learned so much. Not only did they learn dance, they learned to never give up on their dreams. Here at B. Sharp that's exactly what it's all about. This was the most amazing experience and these kids are never going to give up hope.

I was Louie's first dance teacher, but I also became his very good friend.I've been to his recital and watched what he's done in New York; I'm just so impressed with what he did with this "Coast 2 Coast" and I hope it gets bigger and better every year. I know this room full of people enjoyed it!

Pam and Karen

PK's School of Dance

Pittsburgh, PA

The girls had a fabulous time, what a positive message to share with all of us. It was a wonderful experience!

Leslie Whitesell

Dare 2 Dance

Cincinnati, Ohio

Kristin Watson

Owner of Studio Gray

Memphis, Tennessee

Emily and Dusty

Pure Movement

Allen, Texas

April Smith

Dream Big Dance Studio

Wichita, Kansas

Rachael and Kristin

Suzanne's School of Dance

Cortez, Colorado

Miss Kim

Hi-Def Dance Academy

Las Vegas, Nevada

We were so happy to have Louie come and give this class. The program that he's doing to just spread the joy of dance and to spread dancing to people of all ages and levels, from all walks of life id just fantastic! We wish him the best as he grows his non-profit!


This master class has truly been an exceptional experience for our studio. We had a blast making videos preparing for this master class, we had a blast meeting new studios and students, and it really just brought some of my kids out of their comfort zones. It showed them that there are different styles of dance and that it is equally as fun and educational.

We just wanted to tell y'all what a great time we had today with Mr. Louie, Jimmy, and Ryan. Mr. Louie's energy is contagious. I felt it pouring out of his body, I felt the girl taking it in. We really appreciate it, we love it! Thank you for bringing your love for dance here to Pure Movement and giving it to our children.

I definitely loved what we just did here with Louie. He reiterated what we try to teach these kids everyday; it's not just about dance steps and combinations, it's to follow their dreams. Whether it's dance, whether it's being a teacher, a vet-- it takes hard work and you have to commit to it. That's what he was trying to teach these kids.

We watched our kids get out on stage-- going from a little intimidated, kind of nervous, holding back a little bit-- and by the end of class they were pushing themselves, dripping in sweat, having a blast and smiling! We hope you guys continue to keep this program alive!


"Coast 2 Coast" has been an amazing experience for me and all of my students. The organization has been so dedicated to keeping in touch with us-- from the emails, to the posters that they sent us and the press kit, I couldn't have asked for a better day. My students had such an amazing time with Louie jumping around and learning. They were completely inspired by the bracelets and the fact that he tells them to never give up no matter what they do. That's what we do here in Las Vegas-- we try to raise well-rounded students and "Coast 2 Coast" was the way to go.

Studios and States visited: VP Dance Academy in New York, Abby Lee Dance Company in Pennsylvania, American Repertory Ballet and Princeton Ballet School in New Jersey, PKs School of Dance in Pennsylvania, Michele Dance Studio in West Virginia, Dare 2 Dance in Ohio, Upstage Dance Centre in Kentucky, Studio Gray in Tennessee, CK Dance Theatre in Mississippi, Pure Movement Dance and Fitness in Texas, Showstoppers Dance Studio in Oklahoma, MGM Studio of the Dance in Kansas, Suzanne's School of Dance in Colorado, B. Sharp School of Dance in Nevada, Hi-Def Dance Academy in Nevada, Patsy Metzger Dancers at Debbie Reynolds Studio in California, All Star Dance Academy in Rhode Island, Center for Performing Arts in Massachusetts, The Dance Annex in Maine, Kathy Blake Dance Studios in New Hampshire, Dancers' Corner in Vermont, Tonawanda Dance Arts in New York, Art In Motion Richmond in Michigan, Miss Lori's Dance Express in Michigan, Dance Magic in Indiana, Dance Attitudes in Wisconsin, Elizabeth's Dance Expressions in North Dakota, Performing Arts on Main in Montana, Dance Theatre Northwest in Idaho, Dance Center of Spokane in Washington, Coastal Dance Academy in Delaware, Jean Marie Dance Studio in Maryland, Showcase Dance Studio in Virginia, YPAC in Illinois, Nicole's School of Dance in Minnesota, Misty's Dance Unlimited in Wisconsin, Dancin' With Roxie in Iowa, Barefoot Dance Studio in South Dakota, Consuming Fire School of Dance in Nebraska, Cedar Street Studio in Wyoming, Utah Dance Artists in Utah, Elko Arts Academy in Nevada, Portland Dance Center in Oregon.